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Amateur Radio Station VK2FC
Watkins Johnson Receiver
My name is Glen Millen and I live
in Maitland, New South Wales,
Australia. Electronics and
especially radio has always been
of interest to me. Like many, I
started this hobby when I was a
young boy with a crystal set
listening on the broadcast band.
Later by experimenting on
various HF frequencies and for a
short while on the 11 meter CB
band. In the early 70’s I started
studying for my Ham Radio
licence. I passed the then
'limited' licence examination at
the local Radio Inspector's Office in 1973 and received my first callsign "VK2YAU" a few weeks later.
Many years on, in the ninties, I sat the morse code exam at 10 WPM and received my unrestricted
licence and the callsign "VK2GME". I’ve always had on & off periods with my radio hobby, but once
you have the radio “bug” it never ever seems to go away completely. I very much like home building
various things, and for me this is an essential part of my interest in this hobby besides making
QSO’s. I hope you find something of interest in these pages. If you have a question or comments
feel free to contact me via the email icon on the left.
QTH - Maitland, NSW. Australia
Maitland NSW forecast