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Murch UT-2000A

My modifications to a Murch UT-2000A Antenna Coupler.


original front.jpg (19335 bytes) The original look of a Murch UT-2000A antenna coupler.  This model does not provide switching for multiple antennas, dummy load or a bypass mode.  I wanted to have these options so it was decided to undertake some modifications.
internals.jpg (147526 bytes) A 6 position dual gang ceramic switch, extension shaft and shaft bushing is added to the tuner  
switch addition 2.jpg (146420 bytes) Close up view of the rotary switch secured to the rear panel via some PCB standoffs I had on hand.
shaft bushing.jpg (88507 bytes) Bushing for switch shaft added to front panel.  the bushing was saved from some scrapped project from the past.
so-239 addition.jpg (153185 bytes) Addition of two extra SO-239 co-ax connectors to the rear panel.  A pair of insulators for a balanced line option have yet to be fitted in place of the connection for a random wire.
Murch 1.jpg (104955 bytes) The case repainted in blue.  Turns counter painted satin black then 2 coats of clear lacquer.
Murch 2.jpg (113916 bytes) Reassembled and ready for testing.  I have yet to make a label for the antenna selector switch.

Power and SWR monitoring is done externally with a commercial cross needle power/SWR meter.  

murch.jpg (403373 bytes) Here is the UT-2000A back on-line with some front panel labels now in place.

The bypass positions on the antenna selector switch takes the tuner out of circuit. 'off-line'



Last updated on Monday, 14 December 2009